things i do and don’t

few days ago i was wondering in the streets of the city i call my second home. i reached there at 12 pm and waited for an hour for P to come and pick me up. that gave me time to sit and think of few things that makes me an individual

1.I am scared to sleep with the lights off
2.I am scared to think about tomorrow.I’d rather concentrate on today.
3.i read a magazine from the back to front
4.i have to have a cuppa coffee when i get up (no matter what time of the day or night it is)
5.i hate to place my bag on the left side of my table
6.i need to read a book in the loo
7.I am the kind who tries to be calm and different always
8.i keep thinking of gifts that i can pick up for close ones when i am rich
9.i have to have to use a chap stick even if my lips are not chapped…
10.i have to eat in this one particular plate and no other….

weird eh….there are many more stupid things like this that makes me what i am………

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