Our Kid

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It is easy to be a father of your child from the day your wife,girlfriend has the news that u are going to be parents. It takes time but at the end of the day he is your own blood and skin.

Now back to someone who has to accept the kid who is not his.It is difficult.It takes a lot of guts and emotion and mighty heart to accept that way.The thing here is your are being judged at every move you make and it is hard way or high way.
If you are harsh on the kid they go like “look at him ill treating the baby”,however if it own father then the tone is “he is making the sure that the little one is not spoilt”.How easy it is twist and turn words ne?

Give the Guy chance and if he sez he is having a difficult time tehn let him know that he is not required to feel stressed and can take his own time.
You might get angry when he yells at the kid,but let him deal with the kid.
Let him be himself with them.
Tell him what the kid likes and dislikes.
Tell him that it is difficult for you too,communicating helps.
Let the kid know that the man has the same importance as you and should be respected.
Make things easy.
You can be the bigger person.
Let the kid and him bond by going out together or let him make the meals for the kid or sketch with him.

When he sez “baby it is hard to accept it at a go and I am trying”.Tell him that he is trying and that is the first step and tell him you love him for that more than ever…

It sure is hard at the beginning but as the days go by it becomes a Child’s Play