Why Ya

Conversation between 2 tamilians…

err you got to excuse my broken tamil

wonman – enga pore (where are you going?)
twoman- down town pore ( am going to town)

wonman – why da downtown pora? (why are you going to downtown)
twoman – town ki poyi one peg down poda pore da….(i will go to town and put one peg down that is why)

i am finding this dam jokey ya…..

Number 2

A man takes his pregnant wife to punjabi dhaba..

Man – i want one paneer butter masala and roti packed and also delivered

Dhaba Guy – sir ji i wil pack and all but how i can deliver sirji

Man – why? why cannot you deliver?

Dhaba Guy (lookign at the wife) – sirji that is tho your wife’s job..

he he he dma funy no………