Huppy and Syad…

the thing about life is that it seems bad and worse in a second and after a second it is full of joy and fun…i am going through that phase….one minute this and one minute that. few sad and few fun situations

1.son eat a whole slice of pizza– ha ha if u thinking why this was fun,try and make a 3 year old eat a pizza without dropping..try buddy try… news that my bro is trying to communicate with me – it is hard when he is nto alive and i am lloking for a mediator to talk to him

3.kishore made my day,he makes it everyday – but what better then hearing him say how mauch he loves me..yeah yeah i am smiling here…

4.amma walked into the room and fainted and cursed me – cause for this faintness…my room was smelling like ciggi company

5.smits was feeling low in life and i felt bad looking at her shed tears – never want that woman to cry ever…i am there for you love..we are all there for you…

6. brought in my birthaday with special few – i loves it ya i loved it…

5 thoughts on “Huppy and Syad…

  1. dharmabum says:

    hey, how you doing? you seem to have posted a lot. wait, lemme rephrase, i seem to have missed out on a lot :)next time, open out the windows and then smoke na 😛

  2. TaChi says:

    Pari – i had a great time….thnx a tonTgfi – Last Monday….Keshi – thanks dolldharma – i Shifted the smoke bay to bathroom…..i am posting…

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