the past week has been a rollacoster ride for my ego……….I always thought that i would get everything that i want. I went for interviews during my corporate phase and got jobs after one hard work but a lot of right attitude.However things seems to be different in the present field.I finished working on one movie.I got it all right. DOne with it the crew out and the director is out of country.

Was on a break for a month and then i thought all i had to do is walk in and get the job. No boy no it is not that easy. Here is the part of the creative industry, you got be creative in your approach. I learned that after meeting few directors. However I did decide that when i am in a position to recruit the crew, I would push everything that i learnt aside and start a new trend.I would make an attempt to call them and let them know the results ASAP, Cause waiting for the next project is tough and waiting for a call is tougher. your ego keeps slidign down and you look at phone and walk around with it like the last survivor on earth………

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