me now and forever

i think i have a problem with myself…that is that i want people to be away from we for a few days….but want them back whenever i feel like…..

more like recluse….do i care for people or do i realy care for myself…that is a big question here……things tend to change in life and my life is full of changes…….i want some money to get rid of few things…….want to live in a house that includes me and my son…visit my parents on a weekend….want someone to be a part of my life……hope it works out…….want to direct a movie in another year and want to get rid of burdens………want a carefree life…………..

4 thoughts on “me now and forever

  1. dharmabum says:

    i’m that way too, i think. i want people sometimes, at others, i don’t. most people call me selfish.there are some, though, who know exactly when they are not needed, and stay put, qietyly, in the background. they don’t walk way, they just consciously fade away. we know they’re there. those are the really special have you been, dear friend?

  2. barb michelen says:

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