Take a Flying F***

“oh life is like that…you got to move on and take in that little bit of bitterness”.

“What that hell was that supposed to mean? hello, I like life ,but was this life not supposed to be easy?.

Bitterness my A**. Get out of here , if anyone sez take it with a pinch of salt. I have done so many pinches of salt, feel i am in a sea filled with salt water….so anyone who is patronizing go take a flying F***

god said GO

so god said ” here you go gal find your self a man”. I was like “hello help required here”. he said, what help are you talking about gal.I made you out of clay,wait first i found clay of your kind and then made your whole body and put in emotions and all that jazz,for what? so that you have a mind of your own.”now go get on with life and move on to that place called earth go go……………

so i landed on earth survived crap and life and love and every blah blah blah blah….

wandering mind

it is a riddle that is waiting to be solved.
my head is scattered like a puzzle looking at it.

the players involve people i love,like and hate at the same time,
they say ” come on don’t be callous,make a move”.

one move from here and the end will come over before i blink….


she stands there asking for alms…
they toss a coin into her arms.
she is happy with what they give…
never demands for more.

is she happy with her life???
better than u and me around…..

Pic courtesy Google