she stands there asking for alms…
they toss a coin into her arms.
she is happy with what they give…
never demands for more.

is she happy with her life???
better than u and me around…..

Pic courtesy Google

5 thoughts on “Content

  1. TaChi says:

    well dharma…she might be the one who is looking away from the passerby who just dropped a coin…for she was the one who used to drop it into boxes before???????

  2. Chandramohan "CM" Kannan says:

    I don’t know why we don’t have a concept of government/private run old age homes… I am not talking of the ones where young ones today have their old ones admitted (one would be forced to think that old age is a disease)…I am talking of ones where people that have no one to look and care for can be taken to so that they can continue to lead a life of dignity instead of asking for alms.I can never agree that such a person is content… it is just that they have mastered the art of hiding all their shattered past behind those aged wrinkles of theirs.

  3. TaChi says:

    Cm that is the sad part..i wish we have people showing some gratitude and respect towards old amma sez” today u look and them and curse,remember that will be u one day”….there are a few guys in Hyderabad who are starting to run a few private old age homes for the homeless..been to one and was keenly taken in…maybe we should start the change?????

  4. Chandramohan "CM" Kannan says:

    I am trying to do my two cents, and trying to be a catalyst for change.I am involved with Santhvana and Paripoorna, two societies from Pune. At Santhvana, we have a creche for children that are HIV-devastated and at Paripoorna, the team is working towards bringing Eunuchs to the mainstream of society. I will start looking out for means to get started an organisation/society that can help old folks live the last leg of their life in dignity.

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