Is it worth it ?

So yesterday was a wholesome day…a day I realized what I should have realized few years ago..or maybe eons ago.Like the thought that always ran in my mind was that “when you are in love with someone for real you never judge them”.I live by that rule and until yesterday I thought most of the people I love lived by that rule too.

However i was wrong!!! and that hit me hard.Here is the guy who loved me for all his life and told me a hundred times that he is always there for me.Well it seems his being there has a lot of additions to it.Like one for example is the bit about judging. He tells me I like you,your are welcome to be with me. However,I will get suspicious of you, cause of the relationships you had in the past.Which translates to “if you get friendly with a man,I will think u are sleeping with him or doing something naughty”.

My heart broke,this is from a man who tells me that no one should judge people by the past.Wonder what is this all about.Is this a revenge tactic or is it just that words are easier said than actions?

I was there thinking for a bit ” shit I deserve this”.But then hey wait, I do not.I must have had my reasons to do what I did or behave the way I did.Just cause I did it once, you are no one to JUDGE me.

*point being every one in this world has reasons for what they do,some do not. Like they just do it for the heck of it. However, they are own individuals and they can live life in whichever way it pleases them.Don’t be a cynic,ask them why they did it.If you ask them they will tell you.When they tell you,you will know,that it is best to know first hand than to imagine and accuse……….

2 thoughts on “Is it worth it ?

  1. Chandramohan "CM" Kannan says:

    here’s my take…everyone has reasons for doing everything they do… there is no point asking someone for their reasons… if that person matters to you, then the reasons don’t matter… don’t question…however, if they don’t matter… then the answer to your question is -“It is not worth – it!!”

  2. TaChi says:

    CM – i know it is not worth it,however the person in question does matter.Maybe sometimes you end up expecting something or a lot from the opposite and raise your hopes.yourself….

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