September Snooze- Part 1

It was magical; the whole atmosphere was filled with sweet scent. It smelled what you call “just before the rain”. She looked at him from the corner of her eye. She noticed him few times before. Yet I think it was the past her that was stopping the present her from making the first move. She wanted to say hello. She wanted to let him know, that she feels he is there for her. Well, she was being practical. A sense of insecurity crept through her bones she was not letting her self go again. Thinking of the move and the effects on her heart, she let it be.

They met again and the magic was still alive. They did not speak a word. Yet, she could feel herself drowning in his words. His eyes spoke the words. His eyes asked her all the secrets that she could never let go. He was her spectator and she was the performer or the other way around. They were with friends. With people they connect through. She was hoping he would walk past and take her with him. He did, he walked up to her and said a hello. The smile said it all; she knew that she was his for the night or days to come. She could not promise herself for a lifetime. Because that lifetime is what she treasures the most? That lifetime would be shared with whom again?