September Snooze Part III

She thought and then realized It was her and then it was the other men. First it was the man who brought her into the world.No, wait first it was the man who created her,then after that it was the man who brought her into the world.So it has been men from the beginning and then later it was her.

So now she remembers the first time.She was sitting there at the counter.”Hey, you here, stand in the queue.No one moves away from the line”,she said.He was just adamant,kept pushing people aside. Cannot you hear what Am saying? are you deaf or are you twisted in your bloody north Indian head.Firstly she had her exams on her mind and on top this was the first time her city was hosting the convention and all had to go well.To top it she had to deal with morons like this.Argh 10th exams were better than him she thought. ( 10th , yes he was the 3rd man to break her heart,so that was it,3rd her count kept increasing).They soon kept their distance in the campus that was allocated for the convention.However they were brought together by Kumar Sir the head of the Organization and they had no choice but to stick together and soon that hate turned into something special.She remembers how he held her hand,when they went on city they looked at each other when the Gundecha Bandhu brothers were singing Drupadh.the tender touch of hands when Pandit HP was Tuning his Flute.

The days just did not seem too long.Soon It was time to leave and she had to let him go.He called her from Delhi and they kept in touch though mails.His friends created an email id for him. Rather a silly one that reminded them of him and her.Kiddish things we do sometimes,that id is still used by him.However the whole thing changed when S came to city.She was there on a visit to her college and was staying with me.I was dropping her to college and I noticed this lovely watch.”That is a nice watch,you got there”,I said.Oh,this,He gave it to me,She said(he,here was the bloody north Indian in the beginning of the story).That tone was somewhat eerie.Then she went on to tell me how they started to see each other after the trip (see now I got the point of why I was a moron when the boy said,I am sorry a 1000 times on the phone whenever he called).See that is when my heart broke.First time

To be contd….

September Snooze Part II

This is continuation of the story September Snooze

She loves to be around him,however there was a void.It was not that she did not like him,or nor that she did not laugh at his jokes and so on.However the thing here was that everyone did laugh at his jokes and loved him to death and wanted to be around him.He was like this..hmm…hmm..ring leader who knew exactly what to do when and keep the ring intact. did she want to be a part of the ring like everyone? I do not think so. She wanted to be felt special.Like the special feeling a man has for a women.She wanted to feel the difference between her and the rest in his head and heart.

Days went by and the thought of him and her moved on. Ironic just like the clouds in September.She was right about him liking her.However she started to wonder why was it not the same.Her heart never let itself go.Never not even once.Even if it did,it came back.She did not want that.She wanted her heart to go and stay with that man for years to come and even after lifetime.

Maybe it ( her heart) did many times wanted to stay with the Man;s heart or mind.But at the end,it felt cheated or did not get the same response.It might have not given the same love or might have expected more in return.That is why her heart was still wandering.She started to wonder about all the men in her life and what or who caused her heart not to trust any? The thought made her shudder , as she did want to hear the answer.Could it be the other men or could it be her?

To be Contd…