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I have begun to grow up in my mind.well the thing is that, most things that seemed dramatic are not that dramatic. the way i look at life is much simpler and better.I think not in rush but in calm mind and of course, I am more open. the key thing is paying attention while others are talking and listening.storing those thoughts and then thinking over.I think am ready for you life !

It feels like the my emotions will take a back step when i get to 30.

actually “3o’s are the beginnings of an unknown life”

September Snooze Part IV

So all said and done her life was not that worse with out a guy who broker heart.It rater seemed OK.I mean it was her first time entrance into Heart breakers club!

So she was busy doing things that normal kids of her age that is teenage do.Smoking pot,running away from home,breaking rules and yes she tasted her first sip of the so called spirit too.Why are you going away like this? asked her mother.She did not want to answer any one and if that means mother or father or brother.She did not want to answer period.All she said was “Ma non of your business”.this was not a movie,where you say anything and get away.She got a thrashing of her life.That is it,she decided to stay mum for life.Never to tell people to mind their own business.”she is getting out of control,we have to do something about it” discussed parents.That is all they did discuss,instead of talking to her,rather they started to threaten her and that made matters worse.She thought to herself,”I am ,not an animal to be tied and threatened around”.I have a voice and I need to be heard.

Unfortunately for her,the voices had to do with the things that normal kids do,which is mentioned above.This is how life went on.She was a college perfect and by the end of 1rst year,she was not even around the college to perfect her studies.This was gone unnoticed.Only to be discovered when they was an ornament that went missing in the house.”you must have stolen it to buy something or treat your friends at some fancy club”,they said.He he if that was the matter,don’t you think you would be with no ornaments today om”she said.Thwack came the blow on her cheek.Then they thought of college and came to find out that she was no being punctual.They did monitor it for a week and puff it went out of interest again.Why did anyone never talk to her,like ask her,she thought and thought every time that teen smoked that dam stick….