My Way to FUTURE!

We spoke, we watched,we cried,we yelled,we abused we did all that we can do in anger.What next?
We lit candles, we marched down the alleys,we shouted loved ones names in vain.What next?
We sent our sympathy, we spoke about in coffee shops and pubs,we argued about it in homes and offices,we heard a lot.What next?

I do not know about everyone else.However I know for sure that this is my NEXT

No Religion,No Color,No Cast.

No one will teach their kids that this is a bad religion or this is my religion.Tell each kid that every religion is to be treated equally and with respect.Like how you treat your family members.

No Color was banned years ago.However these days the color of skin is come far unfair. Just cause you wear an orange turban you become bad and just cause you sport a red beard you become an enemy? Let color not define your self dignity.

No cast – Who are you and I to create cast blocks.You and I are no GOD and I don’t think GOD created cast.He created Human Kind!

Please please let the ears not close or eyes doze.Let there be a guard on 24 hours for my Son has to see a Tomorrow.