Sinlge land anyone

So being 29 and single and a mother of a 5 year old is all it takes to make yourself easy target for pity stories and talk about.(good way to get talked bout) 😛

1.don’t go out in the night,you are single and prey for single men (praise the lord are they any single men out there!!!!!!!!!!) careful of what you say,it might sound like you are too headstrong single girl (pardon me for saying what I think)

3.Hi,so sweetie how are you today ( this coming from a random guy who i just met and thinks calling me sweetie is a way of warming up)

4.don’t swear you have a son ( hmmm what does swearing got to do with me having a son,that too when i do not swear in front of him)

5.I have to listen to people tell me how sad my life is with out a man (why cause i have to fill in gas on my own,duh i have the pump guy to do it)

6.Pray to this Goddess she will grant you a boon of a good husband (if i want a boom,i would want to be rich and famous)

this are just 6 sigma effects , talk to me and will tell you more…

2 thoughts on “Sinlge land anyone

  1. unpretentious says:

    ha ha. super post. especially about the boon thing. n hey 29, single and mom of a 5yr old- awesome profile..i love it:)

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