Moods etc etc

I was a t a friends party last night and had a great time dancing,singing and meeting people.The best thing about that party that a friend and i discovered that the vibes of the people in that house ( we were a bunch of 50 odd people) were amazingly positive. That is when i realized that my fun was to do with my state of mind too. the vibe that i gave out was positive and that made sure I shared it with everyone I knew in that party.

What is the point of being in a good party and not enjoying it and sulking all the way through.You’d rather sit at home and sulk by yourself. The thing is that when you are in a bad mood and and at good place 2 things can happen

1. you can make the people around you sad by sulking

2. you start to enjoy the good vibes and feel better.

i know a friend who sulks quite often at places where there are more than 2 people and the sulking makes her whole evening or night shit.In the process we around her also start feeling irritated and here goes the evening. Now if this person started to enjoy herself first and feel happy about herself then things would turn out to be better. I am not saying everyone has to be or will be happy 24/7 all am saying is that life is crap at times and when you are lows nothing can happen but lift you to high. so Enjoy the high right now rather than waiting for the lows or better inviting them yourself.