Mature, Me?

As I write this post I overcome or i thought i did a very emotional issue that has been hitting me for a long time now.They say what you sow is what you reap and that is so true.No matter what part of the world you are.No matter how rich or poor you are and no matter whatever it is. When you hurt someone or did something wrong it will haunt you and come back to you and slap you on your face. the older am turning the more I am getting closer to this reality.

I did many wrong things.Few I did with out knowing that I was and few I knew. Only from one that I remember the intention was not to hurt or cause any damage to anyone. However, It dawns on me that things will be better from now on. My realization came quite late, close to when am hitting the big 30. The good part is that “better late than never”. We all make mistakes and learn from them and trust me I learn a hell lot from mine.

I miss my days when i had nothing to worry about.had no choices to make and not a thing that would bother me.I am glad in a way the right now things bother me a lot.However, I have choices to make and decide what to worry about and what not too.

as they say “the older you grow that better it gets”….am on the lookout for that path…

3 thoughts on “Mature, Me?

  1. state of mind? says:

    what u have posted is very true…n dats life i guess…it educates us about our own self every day..:)btw nice blog…!

  2. TaChi says:

    State of mind – it does i guess and sometime i wonder where all this educations will go! thanks for visitinHumanobserver – i am so enjoying that phase right now!

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