Things that I have been doing!

So this year starting from the 2nd has been quite a random trip (that is what i had on my face book status message).

first I was free and thinking yay! things are moving and going great. that fun lasted only a day when the realization hit me on how freaking hectic my shoots were! that feeling lasted and lasted till it dissolved in the clouds of my ever going smoke.

then my personal life got a little distorted?

I have been going on and about whether I should date someone or not after the last relationship. The way things were going in the last one was just perfect ( not perfect with a P,but perfect). However, I tried to walk out of it as I knew d.t( i.e me) would be giving less time and the guy deserves more than that. Then the men came and went , some were good looking,some were good to talk to,some men were just plain straight at what they wanted and many just passed by without a look. I was talking to a friend about this the other day and she said this.” your problem is that you get bored very soon and that is why none of your relationships last more than a year”. she did hit the right key.

So what does one have to do?look for someone who keeps you entertained?

Then my son and I have been sharing an amazing bond. He is talking to me in English.Don’t ask, no matter what your native tongue is, the school only talks in English. So my little one is used to talking Telugu at home and he got busted once at school for using Telugu.I hate that feeling of him getting busted.Hence the ” we vonly talk in angrezi programming” has begun. I discovered that he likes to sketch and also tends to think a lot like me. He will sit and random stare at you.( that is what I do when you know , when I do that…….) but he does it all time and dare ask him what he was thinking about. he will say he was trying to imagine a story. I must ask him to write down all his stories when he keeps staring at me.( sometimes I think it is just a way of getting me off his back)

Friends have been good to me and few I have left behind.I love meeting people and adding them to my list of friends. For me it is like I am meeting a new character out of a movie everyday.the best is “a movie that is so cool , you have no idea when and what the ending is”!