trip to valley!

the place was filled with deodar trees.It was the first time that I went to a place like that in my whole 22 years. M suggested we keep walking up the path and asked us to hold on to or breath till we reach the end. We did exactly as he asked us to. When we reached the top of the cliff, we waited and our mouths went gasping.Not for air but to realize the hidden beauty around the hills.there was a valley dark and deep.the mountain around it looked like a man’s face.

I remember that face still and looking forward to going there again this year!

Right turn or Left?

So this is it I turned 30 on the 4th day of the month February in the year 2009.It is great to be here, at this podium. It feels like I am on a high rise and I can see myself emerge from that little embryo to the woman that I am now. They are many lanes below and i feel myself walking down every lane. Either to experience the adventure behind the curve at the end or to run into unexpected vast land. Never regretted a single wrong turn. when the turn was right i was happy and when it was wrong I was eagerly waiting for the mysterious in it.

So here waiting for many more roads, which in turn lead me to the vast space in the universe!