it is all in your head my friend!

Trust is a big,it is mean and it kills the joy out then it goes away. It brings you down on knees,it makes you shiver in haunts you down,it kills you!

there was boy,there was a girl.he decided to let go of the trust she had.she decided to catch it.she did catch it by ear and asked it to stay quite and not play any games and stay quite!

she went on to the other side of the river,he called out loud.she turned back to discover.the name was hers but the person was the other!

he said to her,when in doubt ask yourself.if you think he is lying then think is you who is lying.

went on this hunt,got loads of meat.cooked it well with gravy and spice.put it on table for them to eat.they each grabbed a piece and left her with no more meat!

she was staring at the window on the other end.he was staring at her. she looked at him,he fell apart.she was looking from the picture that hung on the wall.

death is crazy,she wants to dance. Dante is not ready for her yet.she was swing to the tune of black and Grey. he was waiting and whispering” please don’t make me your prey”

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