How freaking insensitive can people get.
A Minor girl was raped, this was at her tuition.
Minor kids blood is being sold in black market.
A housemaid was raped by an actor and he quotes” lust is bigger than an actor”,
A girls hand is dipped in hot oil,the reason ” I wanted to test if she was telling the truth,if she was, her hand would not have burned”.that is what the accused said.Oh by the way he is on the run.

I am sure we all know that this is half a percent of what is happening around the world today.Is it sheer disgust to belong to human race anymore?. I thought we are people who feel and all that jazz.

I cannot seem to push this thought away for a while now. No matter what I do,these senseless,ruthless, idiotic,brutes are coming back to my mind. I wish we had to power to burn them by pouring tiny drops of acid and leave them till they suffer and scream. i would love to scream and tell them then, that this is how exactly the little ones must have felt.

Please for Kids sake,leave them alone. Let them grow up and let them enjoy the life they have. Who the fuck gave you the right to interfere in their life? Do you even know that they lived happily before without your bloody presence. The maid had no clue that you were around watching her every move. the little one at the tuitions had no idea that you were lusting for her body than her mind full of life ahead. that baby did not know that the prick was not an injection but a uncouth vampire,who wants to draw every tiny drop f blood.

Stay away from kids,stay away from humans period.In fact stay away from animals,plants all living things. Do not bother us anymore, we care and we do not care for fools like you. you are a disease which is spreading rampant,please people take a vaccination and try not to let these demons enter you soul.

Please spread the word.Take the Vaccination called HUMANITY. KILL THE HATE,SPREAD THE LOVE,RESPECT and above all FREEDOM to live and let live.


2 thoughts on “LIVE AND LET LIVE

  1. Aakarsh says:

    "I wish we had to power to burn them by pouring tiny drops of acid and leave them till they suffer and scream." – precise justice, in my opinion.

  2. TaChi says:

    Aakarsh that is excatly what my mother says everytime and then i think would we be same as them or is it right to bloody screw them?

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