The Case Study of Ex’s

Out of all the relationships that I have been,there was, were three guys with no ex – girlfriend and mind you one was my first and the other was my second and the other was hmm my fourth.So, then I started dating guys who were from my league,the ones who had ex girlfriends.

So there are many times that those ex’s pissed me off,but the weird part and the best was one turned out to be a darling and i am best friends with her and the present GF of one of y ex’s is a person i know as in an acquaintance and I respect her and the fact that we talk. Confusing it is to me too.

Here I am today engaged to my darling and ready to walk the path of marriage.The question till recent in debate was whether it is good for you to be friends with your ex’s? Well here is what it is….

1.ex’s were once close to you and they know much more about the past you than the present you.

2. they might have screwed up the past,everyone does. If he is your EX than you must have screwed it up a little to. To be his ex. is uneasy for the ex and the present to meet. However, you have a good chance of laughing over good times.

4. When the ex is in a relationship,please be happy and let that person know that you are happy for him.

5. I learnt how to write scripts from one and it is the a great feeling,one introduced me to FLOYD!,one got me into six sigma and the other thought me to laugh at life and chill.

6.When your husband,boyfriend is pissed off with the ex,it is for you to tell him to forget it and move on.casue mistakes happen and they suck. but, hey, be a man and suck it up or scream.At the end of the day leave the grudge and eat a fudge 😛

7. My point simple, If it was not for the ex,you would not have met the present and look what an amazing thing that is.

8.ex’s can turn out to best buddies and they hear you and you hear them.

9. when you look at them with thier present partners, you know what crap they are in for and you can feel happy that you left that all or reverse.

10. Let us accept the fact that what was not meant to be was not meant to be.

11. If the ex is a bastard or a bitch.Hey you in a better place thanks to that B&B

12. Everyone is entitled to rant out and this is the best way I could 🙂

One thought on “The Case Study of Ex’s

  1. Aakarsh says:

    Good post. I agree with many of the points while i disagree with few. Yet, in totality, i see the whole point, which i agree with.The crux is point# 7, which i would like to remodify as "If it was not for the ex,you would not be what YOU ARE and look what an amazing thing that is." – It doesnt mean, the Ex alone has a hand in making the YOU currently, but we must remember that the current I/WE are resultant of all experiences, thoughts, knowledge, intelligence, groomings, growing-ups etc etc and Ex does figure in somewhere there.In the end, you look back, at what you have learnt, smile and move on.

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