One Family to Another

I am sitting in our hall writing this blog post and V is playing what he calls soothing Music!(Progressive house).That too him is smoothing and living with him for 6 months i am kinda getting used to the idea of listening to this.

We share the space with a newly bought Lamp(red color),a couch and a diwan.I love the feeling of home.When I used to visit my friends house over weekends( this was long before I met V),I was tempted to ask her to find me a guy who was opposite to me and lived with me and my ranting.She could not find me a guy,However she did find me a room in her house that was called mine.

The reason for this blog is vary personal,I grew up in a neighborhood,which is crowded with my joint family.not that I mind it.However,sometimes when all you want is to just stare at space and just listen to classic rock. That in my case was very hard.If i was singing aloud my pinni or atha would walk in and ask me if i was loosing it.See for them sitting alone was never done.Even when i am in the loo,i get asked random things like “D,where is that yellow plate or that green dabba filled with bindis”.

So I yearned for that personal or private space all my life.Then I moved to other city and i loved the initial days of no one to bother me around.sitting Lazy on a Sunday afternoon,sipping beer and listening to music and reading a book. I did enjoy the phase of no one asking me what I was doing or what I was thinking.However i did miss the chitter chatter of my pinnis,random advice by my mamaya’s and also my sweet ammama’s pulihora.So I got back o a city close by and started travelling home on weekends.

Now that I am back here for good,I am also going to be a part of another Family soon.i am getting Married in 15 days from today.i will miss the Tanikella and Chilukuri clan and their nuisances.However the god part is that Chandramouli clan is much louder and mixing them my clan is going to be a Party for Life and yes a few adjustment here and there never bothered anyone.


3 thoughts on “One Family to Another

  1. Sumana says:

    Its always a big transition for a girl whn she enters the 'new family'. you being so diverse in ur experience and thinking, it will not b an issue to blend with people and circumstances..Let u find and experience THE HAPPINESS u seek frm life!!

  2. Sumana says:

    Its always a big ordeal for a girl to get into the new 'Family'.. you being so diverse in ur experience and thinking, there will not b any issues for u to blend with ur V's Family!!Let u find and experience the HAPPINESS u seek frm life!!!

  3. TaChi says:

    Sumana – thanks a lot for the kind words.I am hoping that i will be just the way I am and take forward the journey with hopes and laughter.

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