Mind Matters

I fell flat on my back yesterday and it hurt.Thank fully I was on the phone with S and she called V.He rushed home from work and I was better than before.Now why is it important to tell myself that I fell.Well I am 3 months into my pregnancy and falling is not such a good thing to do.

Surprisingly I took it very calm,i did not panic or cry.Casue some instinct told me that my little one is alright.

Some voice told me “deethi,she is ok.”

My folks and V’s folks were freaking out.Which is quite natural,however by the end of yesterday we all went to bed peacefully.

I could not remember that vioice,nor can tell you wether i heard it like a normal human voice.All I know is that i did hear someone say those words.

This brings me to sixth sense or instincts that have been around with me for ages.I know if and when something is going wrong or right.I know that this is is not good and I know that this will be ok.Deep down there is someone telling me what to do and what not to do.That someone is my subconcious mind.

I heard once that,you have to train your subconscious and it will stay with you in times of need. I am not sure if everyone does this.However every human being has this energy and one just has to focus to get it right.Try and teach this to kids,if they are young.They will be trained well and it will help in their course of life.

My little one is already there,I think it is she who told me that “amma,all will be OK.” 🙂