Brown Grass…

Why do you call me jealous?
Why do you say that I am insecure?
Why do I always have to be understanding?

Jealous is a negative feeling,which i don’t have.
Insecure is an emotions that I have long forgotten.
Understanding is what is got me here.

Why am I always thinking?
Why am I never too street smart?
Why do i count on you?

Thinking is what gets me my words.
Smartness is something that I never could learn.
I count you cause you told me to.

One thought on “Brown Grass…

  1. Bidisha Ganguly says:

    Deepthi, I found you. I am not sure if you will remember me, but I will, forever, remember the jerky Sumo ride to office, with you at the front seat, telling the driver to go easy on the pot holes because you were pregnant…while we were picking up our jaws, your courage, your sheer spunk blew my mind away. I called you up on the night when you were on your way to Hyderabad, upon hearing about your brother;s death…I read the piece you wrote for him on his birthday, the first one I happened to read when I reached your blog space….I saw Aku’s picture, I had last seen him when he was just a few months old…I would love to talk to you, again. I would so love to talk to you again. Email me please, I will be back in town by end of month. Till then, with all my very best wishes for you and Aku…Lots of love, Bidisha. Mobile#99080521797
    p.s. We met while we were both in Accenture.

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