you and only you

there is nothing that brings me closer to nirvana than,

to see you smile at me,to wait for you to hug me in my sleep.

to hear your voice or to feel your hands on my skin.

to know that you are thinking of me,to say i love you.

to live forever with you and me and to become us

I am the Man!

My son is watching Ben Ten (that cartoon thin on CN).It is boring,addictive and i have no clue how many alter egos this cartoon kid has? Now that is just cartoon on T.V , here at home I have live example.

Aku is different man on different days.He got this idea thanks to BEN TEN wonly.If I put up a list of what “man” ( I wonder why not wonder woman?!) he can be here , this is how it goes.

Fan Man – Now there is story here “while v and i were falling in love and intoxicated with the loverly herb.V decided he would name his son Fan Man.I have no idea how aku got hold of this.FM till day aku’s FAV super hero.Want to be one? – just go in circles and pretend you are a FAN who is chopping heads with your wingsy and you are FM!

Cloth Man – so yes,there is a man like this too and what he does? when you visit shops to buy clothes for yourself.He will fall in the pit and throw them in different directions and make sure you are thrown out of the shop or a mall.(mind you the clothes are his weapons).

Ice Man – all you got to do is take loads of ice and put them in a cover,then you run around the house till they melt and then put more ice into it.

Paper man – you get to shred paper and then stuff it in your mouth and then spit it out (again these are the ammunitions)

Just today i discovered that he can be Chocolate man.What do you have to do….Guess????

I heard not what you said

V is in Bangalore and on the lookout for a house to be called home for us.He works the whole night gets back in the morning and has really no time except for weekends.Also, I am in no rush for one,as my move is only in September.

However my amma and pinni think otherwise.Everyday they subject me to numerous conversations with family about our search for house in Bangalore, here is one that they had a couple of days ago.

“Enduke inka apartment dorakaledu”?
(why has he not found an apt yet?)

office lo busy pinni,also weekends lo varsham
(he is busy in office and also it is raining in weekends)

pinni to amma

“evito aka,ma srinu gadu aithe 14 hours lo apt vethiki theesukunta annadu”
(aka my sreenu said he will find an apt for his family in 14 hours)

“alaga vadu entha try chestunado kada?ponile veelaki vokati vethiki petamanu”
(is that so,please ask him to search one for them too.

“alage,wait vadiki phone chesta”
(wait let me call him)

oh phone- “arrai sreenu D valaki illu kavalita.avunura athanu mari badakistunadu.deenika?deeni bondha eviti taste.nuvu nacjindi ante ayana vachi choosthadu.ayina neeku unnantha experiance valaki ledu le ra”
(sreenu d’s family needs an apt to rent in bangalore.her husband is too lazy and so is she.what? no no why wll they say no to your find one he will come and see and say yes. they are not as smart as your are sreenu.ok bye for now”)

ok aka vadu done annadu
(he said leave the rest to me aka)

and yes i was sitting right there and realised that i was quite invisible!

My Grandmother,My Bamma

Sunday our family went to visit my Bamma (dad’s mother).She is in her 90’s and quite active.She lives on the ground floor of our uncles home and refuses to move in domestic help.Her philosophy is that she cannot mend old ways and let “people of that caste” come in and stay with her.I used to get angry at this when i was a teenager.However, as i come to 31 i realize that she has been brought up that way and it is not necessary she change her ways.She takes good care of the driver and his family,talks to the vegetable vendor,gives loads of tea to the domestic help.She is happy with that and they are happy with that.They live in harmony and do not cross lines.

While I was there,I wanted to borrow some books from my uncles vast collection.So I went up to look at those books.My cousin was helping me find one book called “Baristar Parvatisam”
(If anyone who knows how to read Telugu ever read this book,they would know why i got 3 people to search that book for me)in the end we could not locate that book.However, my eyes fell on a thin book in the corner and i grabbed it.This is what i was not searching for!

It was a book written by my Bamma.She wrote that book in 1998 and distributed it to all of us.I lost my copy and never bothered to get another one.I just took it for granted that I will get it one day and forgot about it.I wanted to have that book so bad and this was a sign,as all the prints of that book were out.My bamma is old and not in the most healthy state and if there is one legacy that we got from her , it is writing and arts.She writes in Telugu and she writes about what matters to her heart and mind.she does not bother to think twice when asking an honest question nor she is embarrassed when you ask her one.

I remember when I introduced her to my husband and boyfriend at that time “do you know how to cook?”.she had asked him.He was not taken aback as I told him about Bamma.She said “my granddaughter is not used to cooking and someone should know how to cook in the family,so it better be you”.

I heard it from my thatha (grandfather) that Sundays were Bamma days.She used to leave her 7 boys in his care and go to a book mela or a movie or to theater with her friends.This was 60 years ago in a telugu brahmin family and a woman doing this was considered to be an outcast.She could not care less and told her husband that if you work from office,i work at home and i too need a break.

That is my Bamma,there is so much to learn from her and so much fun to be around her.I hope and wish my second baby who is growing inside me now gets to meet her and she smiles her toothless smile at the baby 🙂


There was a story once told in my family (a family of Telugu people).This is how the story goes and the reason for the story to be told is this.

Me asked my aunt “why do we call Tamil the language,aravam?”

“Let me tell you a story”,says atha.

Once upon a time when Rama won the war over Ravana,he was getting back home with his wife and his brother.Now all the monkeys,the vanar saina to be precise wanted to come to ayodhya with Rama.

“we shall follow you wherever you go My lord”,they said

While following they made a lot of monkey noise,so Mr.Lakshman(the brother) got angry ( he was short tempered).He told them to shut it and if they did not, he told them he will throw them in the ocean.

They shut it for a while.However,monkey being monkeys, they started to make noise again.This time the brother(lakshman) picked them up and threw them in the ocean.

The monkeys were scared and said “Kshaminchu Laksham,Kshaminchu,Memu Aravam“. (meaning = “sorry lakshman we will not shout”)

However, most of them landed in the ocean and from there there swam to Lanka saying”take us back Rama memu Aravam”.

So we telugu people! say that tamilians shout instead of talking hence we call the language Aravam(the language of the monkeys)

P.S – the Best part i am married into a Tamil family now and I am Aravam 😛

what you looking at?

have you ever wondered what does 6-year-old think? like really think when he looks into space.V often wonders about what Aku thinks and has yet to understand it.However i did understand it last night.

I was reading a book and he was getting bored.So,I asked him to read a book too.he took out shubramaya barti ( no offence to the great writer) however Aku pronounces it like that,He got bored of reading that too.So he closes the book and starts to stare at the vast ceiling. I can imagine him staring at it for a long time if there were some super heroes on it or say galaxy stuck to it.

So I wait and turn to his side and look at him.Aku looks at me and goes back to his staring.After about half hour,he finally comes to conclude his theory.Thus he pulls me by my sleeve and says

“deethi my head is aching,i have been trying to think how fan is born? light is born and also how cobweb is born?”
“i asked all of them and waited till now to get an answer”.
“they refuse to answer,so Good night and shweeth dremz”.

See this is what your 6 years old would be doing when she/he is staring at the ceiling.just ask them and be ready to get a profound answer.

apatiki araku velivastha ( meanings – till then i will go and come back)

to or not to ?

I was talking to a friend about families and the utter nonsense one has to bear with it and she said how her brother-in-law always agrees to what his mother says and how her sister is fuming with that thought.She was like “d,don’t you think he should pay my sister some ear to?”.I said “true S,he has to”.

Now if there one common thing all over the world then it is the beta,son,koduku getting stuck between the mother and the wife.However, did you ever think of the daughter getting stuck between the husband and the father? It is weird is it not that there are not many stories running around that syndrome. Is it cause the daughters and daughter in-laws keep them men happy? is it because when it comes to the word daughter all men stay silent and let them rule? I personally think it is because two men and one woman is much easy then two woman and one man. Also when it comes to gender it also mostly depends on the thinking side of that gender.

For ages MIL and DIL have fought wars
1.I think ,Draupadi was fuming and wanted to throw red mirchi on her MIL when Kunti asked her sons to share the wife.
2.Sita should have been pissed off with Kaikeyi for sending her to forest.

They have also been instances where DIL and MIL lived happily ever after like my MIL and Her MIL.However I think personally that one or the other has to calm down the ego and live with it till she can no longer bear.Now who can it be? you will ask. Well that is the answer I do not have.My amma says that if you are a bigger person then you will calm down.Who will decide who the bigger person is? It is you who have to and has to says my inner voice.Again till when? Till the time you lose your patience says my inner voice.Does this have side effects? asks me.Yes,of course says my inner voice.

Till the side effects start,I shall listen to my inner voice.until then, here comes the veil of patience!

Fav fruits

It all started with summer homework.Why do these teachers even give kid holiday homework?
Holiday = lazy,no and make merry.

Aku’s school has been easy on me,they just wanted my kid to stick pictures of random fruits and vegetables.But,they had to be the ones they like.So,today morning after he got back from his karate and had breakfast and was fresh as a daisy.I sat with him to complete the project

Me – aku look at the chart and tell me 5 of your fav fruits.
Aku was least bothered,he was immersed in pulling out the lid for glue and was examining it with utter curiosity.
Me – aku,stop that and look here.
Aku – stopped it and looked and then ran into he kitchen.came back with another item of enthusiasm, scissors!
Me was contemplating on using them to cut that chart into two.
aku – so deethi ,what were you asking?
Me – tell me 5 of your fav fruits by looking at the chart (mind you all he was doing was pouring glue on the scissors and licking it)
Me give him a thwack and pull the entertainment unit away from him.
aku finally looks at the chart and goes – “strawberry,apricot,musk melon,lichee and apple”.
Me – wait you have never tasted 2 out of those 5 and then 4 are rarely eaten and the 5th one is the fruit you hate the most.
aku – you said choose fav and I choose.
Me – but,they have to be fav.
aku was looking at the strawberry gum and with a smug look goes “deethi no one knowns what my fav are”
Me – do you know what your fav fruits are?
aku – potatoes!

Sayng this he got up took a paper cut it with the scissors and stuck it up his arm and was running around screaming “Paper man is here,Paper man is here!”

You know baby!

If my Family ever gets to read my blog,then there are two things they would do.1.Kill me,2.Make sure they double kill me. My Mammaya (mom’s brother) family was here last night.They are your typical above income and we are rich family. everything they talk reeks of that statement a lot of times. Here are a few examples.

Me – so which college have decided to join?
Daughter of the rich – some cha-ll-ge( mind you she lived in the USA and that is why the stress on the ou words),all ma frndz are in hastal. cause you know, they gat bad grades you know…..
Me – (with the innocent face) well so that means Nehru got bad grades,he studied in hostel you see.
Daughter – (had no clue what i was saying) so I decided to join V cha-ll-ge,you know the society that comes to that place is below mine.but i decided to join.
Me – arey arey you should have joined Beverly hills 90201 they have on in the collage?
Daughter- was busy calling a friend to check that one!

Me – Atha (aunt) I want to know where we can buy good cakes in Hyderabad?
Aha – (she starts all her sentences with “you know baby”) So i repeat. you know baby,we tried all the cake shops in twin cities.I mean we do have bakers in next to us.But,they make indian cakes.
Me- ahem atha we are in india…
Atha – (ignoring my low-class comment) You know baby,when we were in america.I got the bast cakes.I love them all you know.These universal bakery wallas (the best bake in hyd for us old hyderababdis) are too low-class unlike amricaaa.
Me – atha we still in india,
Atha – (ignoring my comment again)So i told my friends that we shall get cakes from america.So if you want good cakes then you have to come and live in my society.You will get good contacts and thy will in turn get you good cakes all the way from amrica.
Me- ( did I even ask?)

More to come laterzzzzzzzzzzzz.

what do u call a conversation? or is this even one?

So here i am 7 months pregnant and staying at amma’s house for the so called bed rest. very funny the word “bed rest” is.I keep thinking are they asking me to rest or the bed :P.Anyway back to my staying at amma’s.
I amthe kind who loves not to talk when not required.But over the days it is like I m standing outside my self and looking at deepthi I might ask?even if you dont and here is how….

Me – Pinni (amma’s sister) – did u see the watch woman today?
Pinni – no ma I think she has fever.
Me – fever a paada (fever or shit) I think she is on a holiday.
(now pinni is happy with this,which i mean the shit part and goes….)
Pinni – deethi, you know what she did yesterday?
Me – (with big eyes bulging) what? what?
Pinni – she came and asked for a days leave! (now this is certainly a matter of life and death,how can a watchwoman ask for a days leave?)
Me – Nooooooooooooooooooooo,what did you say?
Pinni – I said no,but then I said I will give it only if she cleans the windows and she did.
Me – Pinni you should have asked her to clean the doors too…

seriously is this even a conversation?

I need to get more specific next time.need to talk about the bin boy and figure why he does not collect garbage the same morning and waits till evening….