what do u call a conversation? or is this even one?

So here i am 7 months pregnant and staying at amma’s house for the so called bed rest. very funny the word “bed rest” is.I keep thinking are they asking me to rest or the bed :P.Anyway back to my staying at amma’s.
I amthe kind who loves not to talk when not required.But over the days it is like I m standing outside my self and looking at deepthi maami.how I might ask?even if you dont and here is how….

Me – Pinni (amma’s sister) – did u see the watch woman today?
Pinni – no ma I think she has fever.
Me – fever a paada (fever or shit) I think she is on a holiday.
(now pinni is happy with this,which i mean the shit part and goes….)
Pinni – deethi, you know what she did yesterday?
Me – (with big eyes bulging) what? what?
Pinni – she came and asked for a days leave! (now this is certainly a matter of life and death,how can a watchwoman ask for a days leave?)
Me – Nooooooooooooooooooooo,what did you say?
Pinni – I said no,but then I said I will give it only if she cleans the windows and she did.
Me – Pinni you should have asked her to clean the doors too…

seriously is this even a conversation?

I need to get more specific next time.need to talk about the bin boy and figure why he does not collect garbage the same morning and waits till evening….


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