You know baby!

If my Family ever gets to read my blog,then there are two things they would do.1.Kill me,2.Make sure they double kill me. My Mammaya (mom’s brother) family was here last night.They are your typical above income and we are rich family. everything they talk reeks of that statement a lot of times. Here are a few examples.

Me – so which college have decided to join?
Daughter of the rich – some cha-ll-ge( mind you she lived in the USA and that is why the stress on the ou words),all ma frndz are in hastal. cause you know, they gat bad grades you know…..
Me – (with the innocent face) well so that means Nehru got bad grades,he studied in hostel you see.
Daughter – (had no clue what i was saying) so I decided to join V cha-ll-ge,you know the society that comes to that place is below mine.but i decided to join.
Me – arey arey you should have joined Beverly hills 90201 they have on in the collage?
Daughter- was busy calling a friend to check that one!

Me – Atha (aunt) I want to know where we can buy good cakes in Hyderabad?
Aha – (she starts all her sentences with “you know baby”) So i repeat. you know baby,we tried all the cake shops in twin cities.I mean we do have bakers in next to us.But,they make indian cakes.
Me- ahem atha we are in india…
Atha – (ignoring my low-class comment) You know baby,when we were in america.I got the bast cakes.I love them all you know.These universal bakery wallas (the best bake in hyd for us old hyderababdis) are too low-class unlike amricaaa.
Me – atha we still in india,
Atha – (ignoring my comment again)So i told my friends that we shall get cakes from america.So if you want good cakes then you have to come and live in my society.You will get good contacts and thy will in turn get you good cakes all the way from amrica.
Me- ( did I even ask?)

More to come laterzzzzzzzzzzzz.