Fav fruits

It all started with summer homework.Why do these teachers even give kid holiday homework?
Holiday = lazy,no homework.play and make merry.

Aku’s school has been easy on me,they just wanted my kid to stick pictures of random fruits and vegetables.But,they had to be the ones they like.So,today morning after he got back from his karate and had breakfast and was fresh as a daisy.I sat with him to complete the project

Me – aku look at the chart and tell me 5 of your fav fruits.
Aku was least bothered,he was immersed in pulling out the lid for glue and was examining it with utter curiosity.
Me – aku,stop that and look here.
Aku – stopped it and looked and then ran into he kitchen.came back with another item of enthusiasm, scissors!
Me was contemplating on using them to cut that chart into two.
aku – so deethi ,what were you asking?
Me – tell me 5 of your fav fruits by looking at the chart (mind you all he was doing was pouring glue on the scissors and licking it)
Me give him a thwack and pull the entertainment unit away from him.
aku finally looks at the chart and goes – “strawberry,apricot,musk melon,lichee and apple”.
Me – wait you have never tasted 2 out of those 5 and then 4 are rarely eaten and the 5th one is the fruit you hate the most.
aku – you said choose fav and I choose.
Me – but,they have to be fav.
aku was looking at the strawberry gum and with a smug look goes “deethi no one knowns what my fav are”
Me – do you know what your fav fruits are?
aku – potatoes!

Sayng this he got up took a paper cut it with the scissors and stuck it up his arm and was running around screaming “Paper man is here,Paper man is here!”