to or not to ?

I was talking to a friend about families and the utter nonsense one has to bear with it and she said how her brother-in-law always agrees to what his mother says and how her sister is fuming with that thought.She was like “d,don’t you think he should pay my sister some ear to?”.I said “true S,he has to”.

Now if there one common thing all over the world then it is the beta,son,koduku getting stuck between the mother and the wife.However, did you ever think of the daughter getting stuck between the husband and the father? It is weird is it not that there are not many stories running around that syndrome. Is it cause the daughters and daughter in-laws keep them men happy? is it because when it comes to the word daughter all men stay silent and let them rule? I personally think it is because two men and one woman is much easy then two woman and one man. Also when it comes to gender it also mostly depends on the thinking side of that gender.

For ages MIL and DIL have fought wars
1.I think ,Draupadi was fuming and wanted to throw red mirchi on her MIL when Kunti asked her sons to share the wife.
2.Sita should have been pissed off with Kaikeyi for sending her to forest.

They have also been instances where DIL and MIL lived happily ever after like my MIL and Her MIL.However I think personally that one or the other has to calm down the ego and live with it till she can no longer bear.Now who can it be? you will ask. Well that is the answer I do not have.My amma says that if you are a bigger person then you will calm down.Who will decide who the bigger person is? It is you who have to and has to says my inner voice.Again till when? Till the time you lose your patience says my inner voice.Does this have side effects? asks me.Yes,of course says my inner voice.

Till the side effects start,I shall listen to my inner voice.until then, here comes the veil of patience!

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