There was a story once told in my family (a family of Telugu people).This is how the story goes and the reason for the story to be told is this.

Me asked my aunt “why do we call Tamil the language,aravam?”

“Let me tell you a story”,says atha.

Once upon a time when Rama won the war over Ravana,he was getting back home with his wife and his brother.Now all the monkeys,the vanar saina to be precise wanted to come to ayodhya with Rama.

“we shall follow you wherever you go My lord”,they said

While following they made a lot of monkey noise,so Mr.Lakshman(the brother) got angry ( he was short tempered).He told them to shut it and if they did not, he told them he will throw them in the ocean.

They shut it for a while.However,monkey being monkeys, they started to make noise again.This time the brother(lakshman) picked them up and threw them in the ocean.

The monkeys were scared and said “Kshaminchu Laksham,Kshaminchu,Memu Aravam“. (meaning = “sorry lakshman we will not shout”)

However, most of them landed in the ocean and from there there swam to Lanka saying”take us back Rama memu Aravam”.

So we telugu people! say that tamilians shout instead of talking hence we call the language Aravam(the language of the monkeys)

P.S – the Best part i am married into a Tamil family now and I am Aravam 😛