I heard not what you said

V is in Bangalore and on the lookout for a house to be called home for us.He works the whole night gets back in the morning and has really no time except for weekends.Also, I am in no rush for one,as my move is only in September.

However my amma and pinni think otherwise.Everyday they subject me to numerous conversations with family about our search for house in Bangalore, here is one that they had a couple of days ago.

“Enduke inka apartment dorakaledu”?
(why has he not found an apt yet?)

office lo busy pinni,also weekends lo varsham
(he is busy in office and also it is raining in weekends)

pinni to amma

“evito aka,ma srinu gadu aithe 14 hours lo apt vethiki theesukunta annadu”
(aka my sreenu said he will find an apt for his family in 14 hours)

“alaga vadu entha try chestunado kada?ponile veelaki vokati vethiki petamanu”
(is that so,please ask him to search one for them too.

“alage,wait vadiki phone chesta”
(wait let me call him)

oh phone- “arrai sreenu D valaki illu kavalita.avunura athanu mari badakistunadu.deenika?deeni bondha eviti taste.nuvu nacjindi ante ayana vachi choosthadu.ayina neeku unnantha experiance valaki ledu le ra”
(sreenu d’s family needs an apt to rent in bangalore.her husband is too lazy and so is she.what? no no why wll they say no to your choice.you find one he will come and see and say yes. they are not as smart as your are sreenu.ok bye for now”)

ok aka vadu done annadu
(he said leave the rest to me aka)

and yes i was sitting right there and realised that i was quite invisible!