Kanadi Master!

last month aku had this infection in his eye,so after a visit to the doctor and check up we got to know that he needs glasses.Now I was petrified with the idea of my 6-year-old with glasses.the optmologist said it is only for 6 months and once the power is back to normal all will be well.Called up V and told him that same.Instead of saying “ayoo pavam”,my hubby laughs his heart’s content and is happy that his son will look like him with the kannadi :(.

Now Amma,Nana and I were going through various books and looking into ayurveda,shut the T.V (other thing we went and got a LCD a week later) and many eye sight web sites(rhymes) to get aku’s power back to normal.But in the this whole commotion there was one tiny little fella who was happy with a wide glee on his face.Aku, was thrilled that he was getting glasses and was asking me questions like.

1.will I look like Toby Maguire aka spider man?
2.will i look like superman when he is not flying in his undies?
3.will i get them in all colors?
4.can i tell the teacher that sitting in the front bench hurts my eye?
and blah blah blah

Now,after another visit to another doctor we were glad to hear that the infection was gone and aku’s sight was brilliant!However,aku insisted that he needs to wear glasses and was making my amma’s life hell at the clinic.

He started creating a huge scene there and my amma looked like a semi villian pulling him away from the doctors door.Just to make him feel happy,she did get him a pair of cheap glasses and this is how he looks like.

heart is where is the home is!

Been more than 8 months since I moved into parents home for delivery.It is all good for me,i get to have great breakfast,which is great.My dad makes all my meals and mom gets me things that i want from the market.My only job here is to pack my kids lunch box and also make sure his homework is done on time.What else could one ask for!

However,i am done with this wait.I want to deliver asap and go back to my home.I miss my hubby,poor V keeps visiting us every weekend and then heads back only after one night.I miss the smell of my own home,the colors that I will paint the walls with.It is barren as of now with things scattered in proper way! My need to launch into homework is getting bigger and bigger.Not that I am going to clean dishes or wash clothes.It is just the feeling of sitting with a cuppa chai in you balcony,the kids asleep in the bedroom and you reading a book.while hubby is snuggled with kids or at work or better sitting with me.

2 more months and that shall happen till then hello amma’s home!

I got enough Strength to face anything!


Ever wondered why things happen to you and you only? bad things,things that dont matter to you and things that make you say”why me you god?”.

Well I used to for a while and then one day I realized that everything that happens around you is in your control,you are the one that makes it happen and you are the one that can stop it.However sometimes,somethings cannot be changed even by force, like death and birth.when people say “everything happens for a reason”,it does make sense and remember you are just a minute particle in the games universe play

So next time when I am in trouble I will not say “why me?” cause I know it is me, because I have the strength to take that pain.If it is happiness that is coming my way, then come on hug me and make me go crazy!

Precious Smile

my little man (10 months old)

Last night(should be called morning actually) aku got up at around 3 am.He does this quite often and is also famous for talking gibberish. However this time,he gave me a priceless smile,only one that your child can give and promptly went back to sleep :).

I will treasure that 6 year old smile for life.for later when he sleeps in his own room and wants to have privacy.I will remember that little boy who cuddled and slept at his deethi’s side with the worlds most beautiful smile on that sleepy face.

What gets my B.P high

1.People from the Credit card companies.
2.People who think they know it all.
3.People who keep boasting about themselves
4.Unwanted crap on T.V.
5.My son crying for no reason
6.When my hubby says there has to be logic to everything and argues with me even when all i want him is to just listen to me and treat me like an ignorant!
7.People who are friends first and then turn into foes and never tell you why.
8.When parents give you the look (even when you are 31)
9.When In Laws treat you like you dont exist.
10.When the servant stays off work and gives you random excuse and expects you to pay for the whole month.
11.When you extended family interferes in every thing you do and want you to do it their way.
12.When friends get close to people who have back bitten you and think it is OK not to be discussed
13.When you sit for a story discussion with director,producer and their entire clan (the clan wants the hero to be super man and bat man together with lungi as outfit).
14.When a neighbor locks his kid in the bathroom to teach him a lesson and when you hear the kid cry and beg for mercy ( i hope that the kid does the same to his father)
15.When what comes in form of salary is more when it goes out as expense!
16.When people ask me to calm down and talk to me like i am a 1-year-old.

Many more but these are what I know tick me off like this!

rain and cutlet

it rained today and it brought immediate changes in the kitchen,one rain and the evening snack turns out yummy :).we had rice cutlets spicy and tangy ones with chutney and hot filter coffee.

I wanted to make just cutlet.However i got my pinni into the territory and viola she took over and the just cutlet became rice cutlet.But no complaints at all pal.I thought i will post it here for a rainy day and also add another category to the blog i.e what i cooks.

Rice Cutlet

Rice – 1 cup cooked
Potato – 2 boiled and mashed
Carrot – 2 boiled and mashed
Dhaniya – 1 bunch chopped
Corn – boiled
Salt – to taste
Chilly powder – 2 table spoons (or as you would like)
I added amchur/dry mango powder – 1 table spoon
Oil/butter – for shallow fry

Mix all these ingredients in a bowl,taste it and add salt or chilly powder accordingly.Now take a flat pan and pour some butter/oil on it.Now make little balls of this mixture and flatten in on a plastic sheet or your plam and put that on to the pan.Shallow fry it till is is crispy.Serve it with Chutney,sauce or eat it Just like that!