rain and cutlet

it rained today and it brought immediate changes in the kitchen,one rain and the evening snack turns out yummy :).we had rice cutlets spicy and tangy ones with chutney and hot filter coffee.

I wanted to make just cutlet.However i got my pinni into the territory and viola she took over and the just cutlet became rice cutlet.But no complaints at all pal.I thought i will post it here for a rainy day and also add another category to the blog i.e what i cooks.

Rice Cutlet

Rice – 1 cup cooked
Potato – 2 boiled and mashed
Carrot – 2 boiled and mashed
Dhaniya – 1 bunch chopped
Corn – boiled
Salt – to taste
Chilly powder – 2 table spoons (or as you would like)
I added amchur/dry mango powder – 1 table spoon
Oil/butter – for shallow fry

Mix all these ingredients in a bowl,taste it and add salt or chilly powder accordingly.Now take a flat pan and pour some butter/oil on it.Now make little balls of this mixture and flatten in on a plastic sheet or your plam and put that on to the pan.Shallow fry it till is is crispy.Serve it with Chutney,sauce or eat it Just like that!