What gets my B.P high

1.People from the Credit card companies.
2.People who think they know it all.
3.People who keep boasting about themselves
4.Unwanted crap on T.V.
5.My son crying for no reason
6.When my hubby says there has to be logic to everything and argues with me even when all i want him is to just listen to me and treat me like an ignorant!
7.People who are friends first and then turn into foes and never tell you why.
8.When parents give you the look (even when you are 31)
9.When In Laws treat you like you dont exist.
10.When the servant stays off work and gives you random excuse and expects you to pay for the whole month.
11.When you extended family interferes in every thing you do and want you to do it their way.
12.When friends get close to people who have back bitten you and think it is OK not to be discussed
13.When you sit for a story discussion with director,producer and their entire clan (the clan wants the hero to be super man and bat man together with lungi as outfit).
14.When a neighbor locks his kid in the bathroom to teach him a lesson and when you hear the kid cry and beg for mercy ( i hope that the kid does the same to his father)
15.When what comes in form of salary is more when it goes out as expense!
16.When people ask me to calm down and talk to me like i am a 1-year-old.

Many more but these are what I know tick me off like this!


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