heart is where is the home is!

Been more than 8 months since I moved into parents home for delivery.It is all good for me,i get to have great breakfast,which is great.My dad makes all my meals and mom gets me things that i want from the market.My only job here is to pack my kids lunch box and also make sure his homework is done on time.What else could one ask for!

However,i am done with this wait.I want to deliver asap and go back to my home.I miss my hubby,poor V keeps visiting us every weekend and then heads back only after one night.I miss the smell of my own home,the colors that I will paint the walls with.It is barren as of now with things scattered in proper way! My need to launch into homework is getting bigger and bigger.Not that I am going to clean dishes or wash clothes.It is just the feeling of sitting with a cuppa chai in you balcony,the kids asleep in the bedroom and you reading a book.while hubby is snuggled with kids or at work or better sitting with me.

2 more months and that shall happen till then hello amma’s home!