Kanadi Master!

last month aku had this infection in his eye,so after a visit to the doctor and check up we got to know that he needs glasses.Now I was petrified with the idea of my 6-year-old with glasses.the optmologist said it is only for 6 months and once the power is back to normal all will be well.Called up V and told him that same.Instead of saying “ayoo pavam”,my hubby laughs his heart’s content and is happy that his son will look like him with the kannadi :(.

Now Amma,Nana and I were going through various books and looking into ayurveda,shut the T.V (other thing we went and got a LCD a week later) and many eye sight web sites(rhymes) to get aku’s power back to normal.But in the this whole commotion there was one tiny little fella who was happy with a wide glee on his face.Aku, was thrilled that he was getting glasses and was asking me questions like.

1.will I look like Toby Maguire aka spider man?
2.will i look like superman when he is not flying in his undies?
3.will i get them in all colors?
4.can i tell the teacher that sitting in the front bench hurts my eye?
and blah blah blah

Now,after another visit to another doctor we were glad to hear that the infection was gone and aku’s sight was brilliant!However,aku insisted that he needs to wear glasses and was making my amma’s life hell at the clinic.

He started creating a huge scene there and my amma looked like a semi villian pulling him away from the doctors door.Just to make him feel happy,she did get him a pair of cheap glasses and this is how he looks like.

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