Made paper rockets for aku and his friends πŸ™‚

Caught a green color butterfly,showed it to the kids and then let it fly πŸ˜€

Felt a tiny ache and knew it was soon time for labor πŸ˜›

Read Sydney Sheldon all over again : )

Made hot cuppa Masala Chai for amma,nana and myself πŸ˜€

Spoke to my nephew who says “I dub you” for “i love you” and screams appachi on the phone : )

Stood out watching the various colors of green spread across the lane and home in form of trees and plants and saplings.

Got to know that V will be here on Sunday,right in time for the Delivery πŸ˜€

Love all things and feel Happy πŸ˜€

M.S.Subbalakshmi and Durga Atha!

Every kid in South India or India period, gets up with a rendering voice of M.S in the background of their home. It could be from the radio in their own home or from the neighbors,however M.S.Subbulakshmi is heard everywhere.

I still play it early morning and it gives me a boost for the rest of the day.Today I dedicated my whole morning to her. Humble but a modest respect to the late Gana Saraswati. As I am typing this i have Nagumomu playing the background. Aha what a voice. It makes you forget the whole world for a while.It takes you go back to the world where you smell the fresh filter coffee,a cookers whistle in your amma’s kitchen and the smell of agarbathi from the pooja room. thatha’s stotras and ammamma’s anklets as she enters the house from the backyard. her basket filled with flowers for the pooja.

Sree ramanavami starts with Pibare Ramarasam and to hear it sung by M.S is just like the paysam or the theertham. She sings Dolayam and you feel like swinging your whole body to the song. Just like the way Balaji in tirumala does. Her Endaro… takes you to a high, a musical high. her Vatapi…makes you run to the pooja room and fold your hands for a minute and ask Ganesha to bless you for life.

Finally her Cheri yashoda takes you back to the days when Atha used to sing it you while feeding you lunch in the balcony. Mudugari…I learnt in in my verandha from Giri Atha. there are so many memories attached to her voice and her songs. How can one ever forget her.She is immortal,as long as her voice is heard,she is.

This is to my Durga Atha who was dear to me and to many others. M.S was introduced to me by her on the tiny radio at seethaphalmandi when i was 6 years old.

P.S – wrote this a a note on F.B.However was in the same mood today πŸ™‚ so here it is on blog….

Dogs and Me :)

Dogs are such Joyful beings,was watching Marley and Me with Aku and he loved the movie.I was so moved by the scene where Jen gets home after the first miscarriage and hugs Marley and cries or the one where the kids are in the school bus and Marley is back home from hospital waiting for them.

I remember My first dog,aha no,dogs were these little dash hound puppies that my Nana(dad) got for me.He took me his friends home and asked to pick one from the litter.While I was picking up the brown pup,another black thing came and started yelping at me.I knew i had to pick that one up too.So we ended up coming home with two pups.We packed them in a carton,nana punched holes and I held them on his LML vespa.Amma freaked out when she saw two ugly creatures,but then she fell in love with them instantly too.

The black one was named tufy and yes it was for my brother and the brown was named softy for me :).They were pampered to the core.Dad used to get them rotis from Jeet Dhaba in Kharkhana and one day we had to go as dad was out of town.The dhaba owner asked me “beti,why don’t you take some curry shurry?”.”your dad always takes Rotis and I am sure your mom must be tired once in a while making curry and shurry”.I politely told him that the rotis from his dhaba were for my dogs and not for us.He got so upset that he refused to give dad rotis the next night.To make up for it,the whole family went to the dhaba for dinner :P.

Or softy being so small and petite used to be falling into all the pits possible in the colony.So we kids used to go on a hunt with our torches and umbrellas if it was raining to look for her.Once such time we found her in a pit that was filled with water and she was swimming in it.We jumped right in and had a ball (of
course amma was might pissed off).Because it was not just my brother and me,but w managed to get the colony kids as well into that small mud pit :).Oh the kids loved softy and she got them in(i think).

Tufy was strong as a bull,Once a cousin of mine was trying to get his hands on tufys bowl.Just to prove to us that he was not afraid of dogs.Ha ha tufy bit his ass and he was literally on top of the door shivering,he still has a mark on his bum (i think)

Sad bit is they pass away very soon and you kinda forget them.But subconsciously you still wish you were that little kid playing in water with you brother and the dogs :D. I got many little pups later,however those two first dogs could never be replaced by any.

Hoping Aku finds his first pups soon πŸ˜€

Child Abuse Early Signs

Child abuse does not go away, but 90 percent of child abuse is preventable

This is so true,i was reading this IHM the other day and felt the immediate need to tell folks out their that “It is not too late to protect your kids”.

There are so many silent signs and is for us to notice it and tell them it is OK to scream and say I need HELP.Some wish they had the right amount of education on this issue to face it with horns.It would have been blessing if someone helped and said “I am there,tell me what is bothering you”.However it is never too late and here are few signs you got to check on daily basis to keep you child safe and that pure heart bright!

ONE – Children who are abused tend to get scared to stay alone or they scream and shout in their sleep.So keep a watch out for this.

TWO – They also tend to wet bed,even if they are 10 years old.

THREE – Staying away from family,they do this because they think that they have committed a crime.Look out for isolation and also look out for aggressive behavior.

FOUR – Dropping out of school,missing school.This is the most common sign and please please dont scream at them when you get to know that the child missed school.He/She will run away from home.

FIVE – Cutting wrists,Consuming poison or smoking or drinking at a young age.

SIX – Talking a lot about sex or asking you a lot of questions about sex

SEVEN – Taking a toll on Health.Frequent fever,cold,head ache and so on.

Above mentioned are few signs,they are many more.You need to be in constant touch with your kids to avoid this kind of danger.

1.Talk to them about child abuse
2.Tell them it is not ok if some one else touches them in places where they pee from or chest or any other part of the body.
3.If such a thing happens(like above),they should tell you asap.
4.No matter what the abuser says,tel your child that you will always listen to him/her(the child) and trust them completely.
5.Do not shake your head and say,”no,you are not telling me the truth”.hear them out,most of the times accepting can be difficult for you.But,once you do,go for the cops or confront the abuser.

Communication is very important to a child.Ask them about their day at school or ask them how did they spend an evening at a friends home and so on.Let childhood be carefree and let them have fun.Let them not suffer for no fault of theirs.

No questions asked!

There are so many people who influence your life and there are so many who just walk in to give you direction and then disappear.I think they are the ones called Guardian Angels,there are not invisible.They are a part of our every day Life and make earth a better place for most of us.My GA’s are many.I have been so lucky in life(touch wood) that people came and still come from every direction to help me when in need.

1.I was stranded in a new city with no place to go and a job the next day and a lost wallet.The lady at the H.R office took me to her place,gave me shelter and food and dropped for the job the next day!

2.I needed some alone time and had no place to go.An angel from Delhi opened her house doors for me!

3.He drove 45 km and sat working in the lobby,while i was working on a project that was my life.he never asked me a question and i met him 2 days before!

4.They cared for my son and they did it with joy and never asked questions!

5.He ran around the city just for a glass of mango juice,no questions asked!

6.They drove me till the airport and said,”take the keys to out house,we going on a holiday”.I needed a place for the one night.No questions asked

7.Family is with me all the time and supports me in death and life,no questions asked!

There are so many incidents and so many times that i say “Bless them” for “no questions asked”.

things that i am doing and thinking of doing!

Aku is at an age where he has too many things on his mind.Most of the times,it takes up to 60 minutes for him to make his opinion and then another 60 to tell you that it is called an opinion. He has a point to make about everything around him.Yes,It does not matter whether it is required or not (does it ever matter to a 6 year old?)

Being 9 months pregnant is not funny.It is that time when all you keep thinking is “when is the baby coming out?”.It is like the whole world is planning on keeping that baby inside and making you look like a drum for life.

It has been ages since I sipped anything that is has spirit it in.Let my senses give me the taste,touch,smell of some wine.I will say cheers and add the hearing sense.

Wonder why all the food outlets are far away from your home when you need them the most.They appear so closer when you are on diet. (i said you,I am never on diet) but the outlets with those lovely pictures and aromas are far far away.

I am going to gorge on pasta,noodles (indian version) these 2 weeks.After that amma says “deethi cannot eat junk for more than 3 months”.When was the food I cooked not called junk?!

I finished about 15teen 5 stars in two days and searching for more πŸ˜€

Lingamma the trusted maid!

Lingamma is our maid,never paid much attention to her.She works for Amma and is happy with the regular house work she does.I never noticed her that much initially.All I know is she was the face who kept our vessels,clothes and home clean.

Now when Amma and Nana(dad) had gone on a tour,she was here at home with me and that is when she started stealing.Me being I,never noticed anything till Amma came back and found out that most of the stuff like my sarees,artificial jewelery,few steel vessel and glasses and other things went missing.The worst part was that the maid went missing too.Nana and others wanted to lodge a complaint at the police station.However,Amma did not allow that and the matter was closed.

Now Amma did not want to complain to the cops for many reasons,one was the the things that were missing were not that important.Because if they were it would not have taken us a week to figure that they were missing.second,she said “she must have had a reason”.I was quite surprised at Amma’s reaction,but paid no heed or importance to the incident.

A few months ago Lingamma came back and fell at Amma’s feet.She said she was sorry for what she did and wanted to join back.My mom and aunt promptly took her back and she has been working ever since.they did not ask her any questions and also told us not to ask her about the stolen goods incident!

yesterday,I was in the back yard to take the clothes out of the clothesline.It was raining and I did not want the clothes to get wet.Lingamma was there before me and took care of the clothes. I asked her to come inside the house and made tea for the two of us.While sitting and sipping chai and watching the rain,she told me that her husband was drinking more than usual and her elder son was mentally challenged and she took care of her family alone and started to talk about normal life.

Then she told me the day she stole things from our home,she was angry at herself for her husband beat her and she wanted to do something stupid.She then told me that she ran away to her village as she was scared that we will book a police complaint.It is only when she found out we did not,she came with the things and gave them back to Amma.Who in turn asked Lingamma to keep them for herself,as Amma did not need those things.

Amma apparently told her that she lost trust and was hurt that Lingamma did such a thing.So,Lingamma is now working hard to gain the trust back.

I figured she gained it back,i drank tea and dozed off and Lingamma was watching the house till Nana got back from work.

Yes,nothing went missing πŸ™‚

My Sins against Gender-Stereotypes

Indain Home maker had this brilliant idea and I was more than happy to tag along πŸ™‚

the topic is very simple as put in the blog post – what 10 “mainly womanly/manly” things do you/i like to do that are not so done by your gender. Also she says and I like,that if you dont do these things you will be cursed :P.men with pink shirts and woman with blue pants.I like the men with pink shirts bit :)So here are 10 things that me a women would like to do like a man.

1.Wear a banian and lungi and walk into the park.

2.Go the barber shop in the neighborhood and get a good champi massage.

3.walk around with the bush eyebrows and the little mustache without being bothered about groomin.

4.sit in the local irani cafe and stare at nothing.

5.smoke a pipe with uncles in the bar (i did this)

6.Scratch my groin just for once and show men how disgusting it is.

7.I hate chocolate and most men i know would kill for them.

8.play in the ground on a rainy day and forget about the tight bra.

9.I am not happy with the pink color and sky blue is my all time fav.

10.I would love to be born as a woman in every birth πŸ™‚

Now here are the people who I am tagging .I do not know many in the blog world,but those few are