My Sins against Gender-Stereotypes

Indain Home maker had this brilliant idea and I was more than happy to tag along 🙂

the topic is very simple as put in the blog post – what 10 “mainly womanly/manly” things do you/i like to do that are not so done by your gender. Also she says and I like,that if you dont do these things you will be cursed with pink shirts and woman with blue pants.I like the men with pink shirts bit :)So here are 10 things that me a women would like to do like a man.

1.Wear a banian and lungi and walk into the park.

2.Go the barber shop in the neighborhood and get a good champi massage.

3.walk around with the bush eyebrows and the little mustache without being bothered about groomin.

4.sit in the local irani cafe and stare at nothing.

5.smoke a pipe with uncles in the bar (i did this)

6.Scratch my groin just for once and show men how disgusting it is.

7.I hate chocolate and most men i know would kill for them. in the ground on a rainy day and forget about the tight bra.

9.I am not happy with the pink color and sky blue is my all time fav.

10.I would love to be born as a woman in every birth 🙂

Now here are the people who I am tagging .I do not know many in the blog world,but those few are