My Sins against Gender-Stereotypes

Indain Home maker had this brilliant idea and I was more than happy to tag along πŸ™‚

the topic is very simple as put in the blog post – what 10 “mainly womanly/manly” things do you/i like to do that are not so done by your gender. Also she says and I like,that if you dont do these things you will be cursed with pink shirts and woman with blue pants.I like the men with pink shirts bit :)So here are 10 things that me a women would like to do like a man.

1.Wear a banian and lungi and walk into the park.

2.Go the barber shop in the neighborhood and get a good champi massage.

3.walk around with the bush eyebrows and the little mustache without being bothered about groomin.

4.sit in the local irani cafe and stare at nothing.

5.smoke a pipe with uncles in the bar (i did this)

6.Scratch my groin just for once and show men how disgusting it is.

7.I hate chocolate and most men i know would kill for them. in the ground on a rainy day and forget about the tight bra.

9.I am not happy with the pink color and sky blue is my all time fav.

10.I would love to be born as a woman in every birth πŸ™‚

Now here are the people who I am tagging .I do not know many in the blog world,but those few are

14 thoughts on “My Sins against Gender-Stereotypes

  1. Indian Homemaker says:

    Wow Deethi this is different!! You have also listed what you would like to be able to do… I wish I could do this one in particular –
    “4.sit in the local irani cafe and stare at nothing.”!!!
    8th one too!!
    I would love to be able to do these without being stared at!!

    6th point is something everybody finds so disgusting, and these are the same people who think women should dress so as no to provoke men to rape/molest them 😦

    I think most women are quite happy being women, they want the society to start reforming, and the problems to be solved, they don’t want to become someone they are not πŸ™‚

    Do you like to drive? And do you like technology or are you money savvy? These are the kinds of things women are not supposed to like and yet everywhere one sees women who love shopping also love gadgets (which are considered too much technology for women!).

    I feel each person is an individual and stereotypes put pressure on people to confirm… I have seen girls pretending to be shy, even though they are not. Some pretend to be scared of insects – instead of being proud of their boldness and of being sensible, they find gender stereotypes make them feel they must change or pretend to be what they are not 😦

  2. deethi says:

    My dear Indian Homemaker- Oh “pretending what they are not:,I know quite a few of them and it makes my blood boil.I keep thinking don’t other people see this and why are they not reacting to this over reaction?!

    Also i agree with you the rape and molesting part,it is not that we are going naked in the field or we are not there to prove a point.However,even sometimes when fully clad the stares that i get from men! I want to chop their balls off that very minute.It is so irritating and frustrating.

    A few friends of mine are planning to go on a vacation sometime soon and call it Bra’less,we will not be wearing any during that whole weekend! I think all women should go for this and what joy it would be when you know that no one i staring at you and you are just the “Woman” you are born to be.

    Maybe you should go for that 8th point, organize something with your girls and tell me how it went ?! πŸ˜€

  3. PNA says:

    All in the name of protecting the woman from being raped, the women are made to follow some rules!!

    On a hot day, at home… you can find me without those tight things called bras, it’s a relief.. the case with many women on a hot day at home…. I know of

    And the stares, will they never stop!! I feel like skinning them alive !! n guffawing when they yell in pain πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  4. deethi says:

    PNA – Ah the bliss of not wearing the tight things :).I am at mom’s now and i am compelled to wear them.However back to bang and I will say tata to them at home :D.When I was in college or even now for that matter i forgot wearing them and get rude stares from friends,family and strangers and all i do is look straight in eye and say “Buzz off people”.

    thanks for visiting btw!

  5. comfortablynam says:

    I do the tag..all plans of tagging you only to come here and realize you had already done the tag..

    And it took me a while to realize I was tagged.. MFFS will take a while to register..but I love that name for me. How cool are we πŸ˜€

    I loved your take on the tag. I do the eyebrow thing a lot.. don’t care too much.

    The tight thing has become part of life with a little one..what with constant nursing. But now is time for freedom πŸ™‚

    Blue is also one of my fav colours πŸ™‚

  6. deethi says:

    Ayo sorry MFFS 😦 you can tag me again for some cool tag and tell em ahead “dont do the tag” πŸ™‚ Let me get to your page and read what you wrote……

  7. telugumom says:

    Hey I liked your post. I will agree with you though – I definitely want to be born as a woman again. Loved all your points although I am not sure if I want to go bra less. I kind of got used to them.

    • deethi says:

      Sushma – πŸ™‚ the bra thing is very personal,was talking to amma last night and even she said that she so used to it.that without it she feels like a piece missing. There is a different joy in being a woman,it is known only by those who are privileged πŸ™‚

  8. Smitha says:

    I loved your take on this Deethi! It is such an innovative approach πŸ™‚

    ‘smoke a pipe with uncles in the bar’ – You did this! Wow!

    And I just realized that you had tagged me too πŸ™‚ Thanks loads πŸ™‚ Have already done the tag πŸ™‚

    • deethi says:

      ha ha did that off in the club and had so much fun.4 old uncles fit to be my grandfather were full flirting and i was having the time of my life.

    • deethi says:

      swaram thanks for loving my list and yeh the scratching thing,thinking of bangalore’s M.G road πŸ˜› with a bunch of mad frnds i have.

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