Child Abuse Early Signs

Child abuse does not go away, but 90 percent of child abuse is preventable

This is so true,i was reading this IHM the other day and felt the immediate need to tell folks out their that “It is not too late to protect your kids”.

There are so many silent signs and is for us to notice it and tell them it is OK to scream and say I need HELP.Some wish they had the right amount of education on this issue to face it with horns.It would have been blessing if someone helped and said “I am there,tell me what is bothering you”.However it is never too late and here are few signs you got to check on daily basis to keep you child safe and that pure heart bright!

ONE – Children who are abused tend to get scared to stay alone or they scream and shout in their sleep.So keep a watch out for this.

TWO – They also tend to wet bed,even if they are 10 years old.

THREE – Staying away from family,they do this because they think that they have committed a crime.Look out for isolation and also look out for aggressive behavior.

FOUR – Dropping out of school,missing school.This is the most common sign and please please dont scream at them when you get to know that the child missed school.He/She will run away from home.

FIVE – Cutting wrists,Consuming poison or smoking or drinking at a young age.

SIX – Talking a lot about sex or asking you a lot of questions about sex

SEVEN – Taking a toll on Health.Frequent fever,cold,head ache and so on.

Above mentioned are few signs,they are many more.You need to be in constant touch with your kids to avoid this kind of danger.

1.Talk to them about child abuse
2.Tell them it is not ok if some one else touches them in places where they pee from or chest or any other part of the body.
3.If such a thing happens(like above),they should tell you asap.
4.No matter what the abuser says,tel your child that you will always listen to him/her(the child) and trust them completely.
5.Do not shake your head and say,”no,you are not telling me the truth”.hear them out,most of the times accepting can be difficult for you.But,once you do,go for the cops or confront the abuser.

Communication is very important to a child.Ask them about their day at school or ask them how did they spend an evening at a friends home and so on.Let childhood be carefree and let them have fun.Let them not suffer for no fault of theirs.

No questions asked!

There are so many people who influence your life and there are so many who just walk in to give you direction and then disappear.I think they are the ones called Guardian Angels,there are not invisible.They are a part of our every day Life and make earth a better place for most of us.My GA’s are many.I have been so lucky in life(touch wood) that people came and still come from every direction to help me when in need.

1.I was stranded in a new city with no place to go and a job the next day and a lost wallet.The lady at the H.R office took me to her place,gave me shelter and food and dropped for the job the next day!

2.I needed some alone time and had no place to go.An angel from Delhi opened her house doors for me!

3.He drove 45 km and sat working in the lobby,while i was working on a project that was my life.he never asked me a question and i met him 2 days before!

4.They cared for my son and they did it with joy and never asked questions!

5.He ran around the city just for a glass of mango juice,no questions asked!

6.They drove me till the airport and said,”take the keys to out house,we going on a holiday”.I needed a place for the one night.No questions asked

7.Family is with me all the time and supports me in death and life,no questions asked!

There are so many incidents and so many times that i say “Bless them” for “no questions asked”.