Dogs and Me :)

Dogs are such Joyful beings,was watching Marley and Me with Aku and he loved the movie.I was so moved by the scene where Jen gets home after the first miscarriage and hugs Marley and cries or the one where the kids are in the school bus and Marley is back home from hospital waiting for them.

I remember My first dog,aha no,dogs were these little dash hound puppies that my Nana(dad) got for me.He took me his friends home and asked to pick one from the litter.While I was picking up the brown pup,another black thing came and started yelping at me.I knew i had to pick that one up too.So we ended up coming home with two pups.We packed them in a carton,nana punched holes and I held them on his LML vespa.Amma freaked out when she saw two ugly creatures,but then she fell in love with them instantly too.

The black one was named tufy and yes it was for my brother and the brown was named softy for me :).They were pampered to the core.Dad used to get them rotis from Jeet Dhaba in Kharkhana and one day we had to go as dad was out of town.The dhaba owner asked me “beti,why don’t you take some curry shurry?”.”your dad always takes Rotis and I am sure your mom must be tired once in a while making curry and shurry”.I politely told him that the rotis from his dhaba were for my dogs and not for us.He got so upset that he refused to give dad rotis the next night.To make up for it,the whole family went to the dhaba for dinner :P.

Or softy being so small and petite used to be falling into all the pits possible in the colony.So we kids used to go on a hunt with our torches and umbrellas if it was raining to look for her.Once such time we found her in a pit that was filled with water and she was swimming in it.We jumped right in and had a ball (of
course amma was might pissed off).Because it was not just my brother and me,but w managed to get the colony kids as well into that small mud pit :).Oh the kids loved softy and she got them in(i think).

Tufy was strong as a bull,Once a cousin of mine was trying to get his hands on tufys bowl.Just to prove to us that he was not afraid of dogs.Ha ha tufy bit his ass and he was literally on top of the door shivering,he still has a mark on his bum (i think)

Sad bit is they pass away very soon and you kinda forget them.But subconsciously you still wish you were that little kid playing in water with you brother and the dogs :D. I got many little pups later,however those two first dogs could never be replaced by any.

Hoping Aku finds his first pups soon πŸ˜€

4 thoughts on “Dogs and Me :)

  1. maverickshree says:

    LOL at dhaba owner…I burst in laughs after reading his reaction πŸ˜€ But that was so good of your family to make it up next eve πŸ™‚ Ohhh about dogs..I love them too πŸ˜€

  2. telugumom says:

    Yeah dogs are fun. We had a small dog when we were growing up. We loved it. But, we had to give it away as my mom already had her hands full with working full time and taking care of us. We were very sad to give up the dog, but it had to be done.

    • deethi says:

      giving away dogs is such a sad thing,i had to get my son to do the same.We were moving homes and the one that we lived was too tiny for a dog.however he gets to pick a pup this time πŸ™‚

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