M.S.Subbalakshmi and Durga Atha!

Every kid in South India or India period, gets up with a rendering voice of M.S in the background of their home. It could be from the radio in their own home or from the neighbors,however M.S.Subbulakshmi is heard everywhere.

I still play it early morning and it gives me a boost for the rest of the day.Today I dedicated my whole morning to her. Humble but a modest respect to the late Gana Saraswati. As I am typing this i have Nagumomu playing the background. Aha what a voice. It makes you forget the whole world for a while.It takes you go back to the world where you smell the fresh filter coffee,a cookers whistle in your amma’s kitchen and the smell of agarbathi from the pooja room. thatha’s stotras and ammamma’s anklets as she enters the house from the backyard. her basket filled with flowers for the pooja.

Sree ramanavami starts with Pibare Ramarasam and to hear it sung by M.S is just like the paysam or the theertham. She sings Dolayam and you feel like swinging your whole body to the song. Just like the way Balaji in tirumala does. Her Endaro… takes you to a high, a musical high. her Vatapi…makes you run to the pooja room and fold your hands for a minute and ask Ganesha to bless you for life.

Finally her Cheri yashoda takes you back to the days when Atha used to sing it you while feeding you lunch in the balcony. Mudugari…I learnt in in my verandha from Giri Atha. there are so many memories attached to her voice and her songs. How can one ever forget her.She is immortal,as long as her voice is heard,she is.

This is to my Durga Atha who was dear to me and to many others. M.S was introduced to me by her on the tiny radio at seethaphalmandi when i was 6 years old.

P.S – wrote this a a note on F.B.However was in the same mood today 🙂 so here it is on blog….

3 thoughts on “M.S.Subbalakshmi and Durga Atha!

  1. telugumom says:

    WOW! You are like me! I love her voice too and all my family are crazy about her. I can relate to every single line in your post. Feels like we grew up together. Now, I am going to listen to her songs all day while I work.

    • deethi says:

      sushma – nothing better than her voice early morning kada? hope you listening to her now and yeh it is a bond that only few can share 🙂

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