Bang Life!

There are so many things that come to your mind on everyday basis.Sometimes you just don’t give them much importance.However,few days you just ponder over and over on those thoughts and they hit you hard.I often do it and i feel sometimes that i am over doing it.So,the best way i realized was not to stop them,but let them ponder and then wander away and it is helping me.hope it helps you too.

I keep meeting so many interesting people in my life and feel blessed to have met them.Like after my move to bang i met few amazing people.M and N and S and R and many more.M is here with me almost everyday and helping me get over my fear of staying alone.I think sometimes i irritate her by asking her to drop by everyday.However she knows her and my limits and tells me exactly what is expected out and I kind of like that space.hope people get to meet good,crazy,normal people and know that sometimes,lets just stay sometimes they do exist.

my day 3 staying alone and i am not yet getting used to it.I get often tensed by around 1 am and keep pacing up and down and looking at the kid or standing in the balcony.there are so many well wishers who have given me amazing words of strength and advice and it is going to work (fingers crossed).I think the more i talk about it the more i feel like i am not alone but with parents,hubby and friends support