Paris, je t’aime (2006)

V and I were watching this movie called Paris,Je t’aime,the other day.One of my all time favorite movies till day. It give true meaning to story telling.

there is one story in it (segment “Loin du 16e”).Oh it is heart touching,it is about a mother who leaves her kid in the crehce and goes to work in another house to take care of another kid (there the story is said) and that is what is is all is acted,directed so beautifully.

It takes just one minute to tell a story through lens and this ones takes that cake.Actually all the stories are too good to be rated bad.I mean each story tells you something new about life and emotions around it.There is another one by Gurinder Chadda (segment “Quais de Seine”),oh that one is too good.It is all said in about 5 minutes and the old man at the end makes it all.

If you have time please go and grab a DVD and watch it!

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