I am that Girl

I cannot think of the name of that particular movie.However I was reminded it again today.It is about this guy who dates women and when they break up with him,they get married.

My story has been somewhat similar,just that in this case.I am that guy!All the men I have dated till now,are married and the best part is, that they found their better halves after they broke up with me.My husband calls me the good luck charm.For him I was just that girl who he was supposed to,wanted to with heart and soul and married me.

My Ex’s are all happily married and today one such ex and a great friend came over to spend the weekend with us along with his wifey.I am so gald that even though the relationships have gone sour the friendship still remians intact and I am sure it will be for ages to come.

I once wrote and entire post on a topic related to this and you can find it here

Good luck and have a great relationship with everyone around you 🙂

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