There is this site called http://www.flipkart.com.I have been visiting it quite often these days to buy many things. Many = books,chargers and so on.V and I are planning to buy a laptop and this site has home delivery option and it is easy for someone like me.I am a stay at home mom and A is 7 years,while Ved is 11 months.So it is really difficult for me to step out and shop for few things.So,thanks to flipkart my life is become easy.

So while on this,I ordered quite a lot of books.Myth = Mythiya,Jaya,Cousins.Actually not many,but these three.These days my curiosity into mythology has taken me into wiki and also into buying books related to mythology.I am in fact planning a trip to Srilanka this year.Heard that Ravana was buried here and the body is said to be mummified and preserved there.

Today I also decided to tell aku who Ravana was.Here is what I told him.

Ravana or RavanaBrahma* was born to Kaikasi and Vishrava.It is said that Kaikasi’s father wanted her to marry a great warrior and a person with immense knowledge.So he rejected every king who came to seek his daughters hand.He then heard of Vishrava.

Vishrava was the son of Pulatsaya,who was the son of Brahma.That is why Ravana is also known as RavanBrahma*.After killing Ravana in the War,rama performed the Ashwamedha yagna.This was performed as Rama Killed a Brahmin( i told this to my son as he is a brahmin and i wanted him to know his roots).Anyway RAvana was very powerful man and he was taught Vedas by his Grandfather Pulatysa who was himself one of the Saptarishis and Brahmas Son.he was also taught the art of War by his Paternal Grandfather.Ravana conquered the heaven,earth and underground and was undefeated for many years.Sp the Gods went to Vishnu and asked him for a solution.

Vishnu told them that he will go to earth in the form of Rama and Kill ravana.So,that is why we Have the Ramayana.The whole of Ramayana was created to Kill Ravana and also to establish the RAghuvamsh empire.

How was Ravan Killed? he asked and I told him that will be left for tomorrow.