a son and his love!

you never know when you grow up (the font on this one is good)sorry about that.Yes,as I was saying you never know when you grow up in your mind.My son has been showing me that a mature mind is not what you get when you are 30.But,something that you can get when you are seven years old.Here is what made me realise that.

I have been suffering from an acute ache in my wrist and hand from the past few days and it got to a stage where even mixing food was an ordeal.My parents,in-laws and uncle had taken turns to come over and stay with me to help at home.V has taken days off to take care of the kids and he did a splendid job(I recco love in hampi for anyone,that is where i fell in love with V).

Now Aku has been observing all this.He did not make much drama or create any soap opera to tell me he cares.However,he did things that a seven year old thought was fit to help his mom.

1.He gets up on his own in the morning or just after one wake up call and does everything without me having to tell him( yes,that T.V is still his best friend in the morning)

2.He makes sure all his friends leave home by 7.30 pm.He tells them “deethi is not well and she needs to go to bed early” or “my brother and i have to sleep soon”

3.He has told me a number of times that just milk and biscuits are ok with him and i don’t have to make elaborate breakfast for him.

4.He does get a little naggy when I don’t give him food personally after he comes back from school.However he is not making fuss these days and is happy with V taking care of him.

5.He also tells me “deethi tell me if it pains and i will apply balm on your hands”.

Aku certainly has grown up and is making me proud and happy.The best compliment i got was from one of his friends mohter “Aku,is a very rare child,he holds on to his innocence and honesty and in today’s world that is surely a treat for sore eye”

may he grow up to be happy and content in whatever he does and may he bring smiles to those who know him and spread hi joy everywhere!