what am I?

is there a reason for all of to live? is it OK to while away time and not to anything substantial? no name,no fame nothing? is it alright for us to look at others who achieve something and say “well that was her,not me”?.

I have been doing nothing for the past 5 years,i am married and a mother of 2 kids.that is my claim to fame.Everyone around me says that i am talented,have the potential.However,why does it not occur to me?So,i do not think i am lame,infact i respect my self immensely and know that i am special in many ways.Here is the thing,when i was a kid,my friend R used to put awesome muggu(rangoli,kolam) in our neighborhood and was praised by one and all.Me,i was not even sure if i could draw a straight line.Then later as a teenager i say many of my friends and cousins discussing what they want to be in life and i was never bothered.I was too much of a dreamer.Then i got myself a job and did well.But,here is the thing i quit in between as i was bored to death and this pattern went on for many years.Many job later,i knew my calling was creativity,so i joined films,there too i quit.then a play and few more plays and the boredom got me again!

Now,i do all the housework,take care of my kids and V.But,i know something is missing,i am trying a way to find out my niche in life and if this too late then that too will be figured.

thoughts are provoking and this one today is done a great job i say!

Dear Nana!

My father is an amazing orator,he can mesmerise you.He also wrote a number of short stories that have been published,while in college and I once heard and uncle tell someone that “suri is India’s Spielberg”!.Now that is something right.However,nana never took to writing,he says he is lazy when it comes to put words on paper and tells me often to do that for him.Over the years many writers have taken his advice on stories and have become famous.The sad part is that they never acknowledged him and his is quite ok with that.

This month while I was home,he told me and V 2 stories and wanted me to write them for him.He wanted me to take up what he never could and maybe wanted to see me writing for him.I never got to respond to his stories and as a teenager I was not really interested to listen to the genius in the house and would rather prefer to go out and buy books from the store.

However,this time,when I heard his words and sentences and stories,I was surely taken aback.For,the first time I realized what an exceptional man he is.He never wanted fame,nor glory,all he wants is for someone to take those creative juices,mix them and make them into a something worthwhile. I have begun to work on the first story and hopefully will finish the rest and publish them for him.For that man is my Father and someone who never thinks twice before helping anyone,anytime,anywhere.