i used to have one

i am hard pressed on thoughts,i thought i had a mind full of things to write,talk about and ponder over.But,the recent past has shown me that my mind is nothing but someone who loves to sprawl and drink and do nothing the whole day.Dont get me wrong,i work from 6.30 am to the time i hit bed.
I make breafast,pack lunch,look for that dam earser and sharpner and pencil and look for what to pack for the interval for my elder son.then make another round of breakfast,feed,clean potty,give bath and entertain my younger one.The middle one (no i am not a mother of 3,this is V) get up at afternoon,has luch,plays with younger one,watchesT.V,gets dressed and goes to work.
Now i on the other hand have to keep up with the routine all over in the night.
So,those cells that used to be active and the ones that used to tell me to write epics and go out learning the art of how to look like a million bucks intellectually have gone away and I am left with one cell that says “oh,come on give yourself a break and chill dude,chill”

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