i have regrets.

I am in a very dull,depressed and “I dont care what you think” mood.So,Should I try and lighten it up a little and feel the blues with some nice jazz music?

Well,lets me talk to myself about this daunting question I have.Would I have asked God (if given a choice ) to end up somewhere else?Like in france in a rich up my A*&# life or in dharavi in a small home with no roof and just one blanket to share or no blanket and food for years together?

God what a wise cheeky person you are.There is no choice that you give to us.You make descions and then say “go figure”.There is this common question asked “do you have any regrets?”,well most of the ones I heard say “no,i don’t”.Me used to fall in that catogery for a long time.But,now,as I am in the 32 years of journey and in a life like rajdhani express,where you dont know when the AC would be on or of that days food will be good.I am sure and know that I have few regrets.Am i happy with the choices that I made…hmmmmm,not entirely.

I am happy for the madre,padre and husband and kids.Thank GOD,I had the choice here a littel bit.But,overall,if the person up there would give me a wand,I would definetly changed few things in the past like…

1.Bunking college way to often
lost out on many friends due to that

2.listening to madre or taking her advice in edcation
missed out on being an antrhopologits or a criminal lawyer

3.trusting few idoits who call themselves friends
missed out on the ones who really were

4.not saving enough for rainy day
still waiting to save for that car

so ,if i were given a choice to live my life again I would and make a path that leads to vinod and few others and then live happily ever after.

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